All the modules you need
Mitigate risk in your processes and systems by building relevant risk assessments, specific to the finest details, along with proposed suggestions and actions for improvement.
Keep your current and historical documents safe and in order. Create flexible and reusable distribution lists, ensuring the correct people always have access to the current revision.
Conduct and schedule audits, inspections, observations, reviews, surveys, layered process audits, and turtle process maps with customizable templates with appropriate rating mechanisms and severity.
Allows users to easily log non conformances of varying severity and type from low risk observations and near misses to extreme risk incidents.
Request special approval for non-conforming products or services directly from quality incidents.
Build and maintain instrumentation calibration history either from internal or external providers, all via a schedule.
Save time and money with innovative ideas and improvements. Log, investigate, action, and implement all in one place.
Easily identify trends by quantifying production defects, scrap, or any other relevant data into a pareto analysis.
An easy and convenient way to log, set up, and schedule training courses and assessments. Attach certificates and get notified when certificates expire.
Keep interdepartmental communication open by recording constructive feedback.
Look after your customer/supplier relations by documenting meetings and assigning individuals to follow up outstanding requests.
Request new or revision to existing documents. Can integrate with the Document Register module.
Create and assign Actions from within most modules.
Track the issuing of personal protective equipment, while maintaining a stock register of items.
Set termination and visibility of system users and employees. Maintain registers of customers, suppliers, and their contacts.
Schedule and complete require checklists for equipment, vehicles, and more.
Capture quantifiable monthly usage.
Assign and complete job cards.

The ultimate SHERQ Management Solution.